Personal Stories




Personal Stories

A young woman gives birth safely

Anita is 17 year old girl from the programme area who recently gave birth to her first child. Her ages typical for a first-time mother in Nepal. She shares a seven by ten foot room with her husband Ashok, and now the baby, where they sleep, cook and eat in close confines. Anita only gave birth five days ago. She is happy to share her story but looks shell-shocked after what she has been through and now being responsible for a child. “Ashok doesn’t earn much money, so when I became pregnant I didn’t go to the hospital because I thought we’d have to pay for it and we don’t have much money.” Anita’s attitude is a common one, that the hospital will charge money for an ante-natal check-up, when in fact it is free. Many women are too shy to go and put themselves in the hands of strangers, and prefer instead to consult with traditional healers in their villages. Luckily Anita’s friends were in a health group run by Green Tara and they encouraged her to get a check-up in the Government hospital. They were also able to help her when she started to experience a painful labour. With the support of the group they were able to arrange free transportation to hospital where her baby was delivered with no complications. “I am so grateful to my friends. I got so scared when the pains started. Without them I dread to think what would have happened to me. It is due to them that my baby was born healthily and that I know how to care for him properly.” Anita and Ashok speak proudly about their son’s future and say they are thinking about how to give him the education that they never had.


Outreach clinic solves problem

Prativa, age 27, was resigned to the fact that she wouldn’t be able to have ante-natal checkups for her second child as it meant a one and a half hour walk to the hospital in Pharphing. After a visit from a GTN health promoter she discovered that they organised a clinic in Simpani. Here she received good advice and iron tablets as well as ante natal and post natal checkups. She says, “I didn’t have any problems during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period because of your proper advice and health check up in outreach clinic. You guys solved my ANC check-up problems.” She expressed a lot of gratitude towards Green Tara Trust and felt that that she and her child were healthy because of the support and care they received.



Suna  Tamang (Chhaimale VDC, Simpani)

Suna Tamang, a 20-year-old woman, has a 4-month-old baby boy. She stayed in Kathmandu City until the baby was delivered and then came back to her husband’s home in Simpani, Chhaimale VDC. Her husband works in Kathmandu so she stayed with him during her pregnancy period and gave a birth in the maternity hospital in the city. “I love coming to the meetings because we get lots of informative knowledge on women’s health and caring for our children. At the same time I am getting closer to women of this village because my husband is from this village but my maternal home is too far from here.” She also feels that such meetings are fruitful in getting to know other women and sharing similar problems.