Green Tara Trust is fortunate to have several researchers helping to design, implement and evaluate its programmes, to ensure all that we do is based on evidence of need and that the effectiveness of our interventions are monitored and measured.  Research is woven into the programmes, starting with explorative studies prior to the thoroughly conducted community needs assessments, and finishing with long-term mixed-methods evaluation using a before-and-after design with control areas.  In other words, Green Tara Trust’s health promotion intervention is unique in Nepal as it is: (a) multidisciplinary; (b) theory-based; and (c) evidence-based. The core research team comprises:

Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen

Edwin van Teijlingen Edwin is Professor of Reproductive Health Research at the University of Bournemouth, UK. He is a medical sociologist, specialising in Public Health and Organisation of Maternity Care. He has substantial research experience in evaluating large-scale community-based public-health interventions funded by, for example, the Chief Scientist Office (Scottish Government, Edinburgh), the Wellcome Trust, and NHS Health Scotland. His has a particular interest in investigating the social barriers to improving maternal care worldwide, and he helps Green Tara Trust to assess community health needs and barriers to health care, to design health programmes that address these factors, and to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.


Dr Padam Simkhada

PadamSimkhada Padam is a Senior Lecturer in International Health at The University of Sheffield, UK and is originally from Nepal. He has worked for Nepal’s Ministry of Health and also for Save the Children (UK). He also worked with Green Tara Trust’s founder, Dr. Jane Stephens, in Nepal together for 10 years on joint public health programmes. His specialist areas are sexual health and migration, maternal and child health care and health care for sex workers. He spends part of his year lecturing at the University and the rest of the time in Nepal, overseeing and supporting Green Tara Trust’s programmes.


Research Publications

Below are citations for academic research articles arising from Green Tara Trust’s Maternal Health programmes and published in medical journals.

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