Saving the lives of mothers and babies in rural Nepal

    Sunas Story

    Suna Tamang, a 20-year-old woman, has a 4-month-old baby boy. She attends the health group meetings and says:  “I love coming to the meetings because we get lots of informative knowledge on women’s health and caring for our children. At the same time I am getting closer to women of this village in the group. My husband is from this village but my maternal home is too far from here.”


    Prativa, age 27, was resigned to the fact that she wouldn’t be able to have antenatal checkups for her second child as it meant a one and a half hour walk to the hospital in Pharphing. After a visit from a Green Tara Trust health promoter she discovered that we were organising a clinic locally. Here she received good advice and iron tablets as well as antenatal and postnatal checkups. “I didn’t have any problems during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period because of the outreach clinic.

    Green Tara Trust - Anita's Story

    Anita is 17 year old girl who recently gave birth to her first child. Her age is typical for a first-time mother in Nepal. She shares a seven by ten foot room with her husband Ashok, and now the baby, where they sleep, cook and eat in close confines. “Ashok doesn’t earn much money, so when I became pregnant I didn’t go to the hospital.”  With help from Green Tara Trust she gave birth with no complications.


    Reshmi is 19 years old. She married at age 9. She is a Balami, a tribal “untouchable” community who traditionally marry young. She had recently lost her third child.  Sadly, her story is typical of many women in rural Nepal. Reshmi had to tell us her story in secret because she was scared of her husband’s family.


    I am Rojina. I studied only up to grade two and I married at age 21. During my pregnancy I joined a health group run by my sister-in-law at my house. I followed all the advice such as taking iron/folic acid, getting my vaccinations, taking de-worming tablets, and going for my monthly check-up at the mobile clinic.  I gave birth at my local health facility and the delivery went well. Thank you Green Tara.

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Green Tara Nepal post disaster comprehensive health promotion projects are continuing in the Dhading region, which was particularly badly affected by the earthquake, as well as in the existing project sites. Activities  include; maternal and child health awareness, health promotion, women empowerment, mental health counselling to survivors, sanitation and environmental hygiene related activities, as well as supporting local community health facilities and providing medical supplies.

Our thanks to Karuna Trust & Karuna Deutschland who are financially supporting Green Tara Nepal and partnering us in many of our projects.

Also our gratitude to the Union Chapel Congregational Church for their ongoing support and to Rotary Porthcawl, Calstock Hall & the many Triratna Buddhist Centres who have organised fundraisers on our behalf.

Most significantly  to  those individuals who continue to bear us in mind & support us with regular donations and offers of help. We applaud you & thank you for your support!

Together we can make a difference.


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Green Tara Trust helps to save the lives of mothers and babies in rural Nepal through health education, training for health workers, and improved medical facilities. We also work closely with Nepal’s government to ensure health promotion and women’s rights are on the national agenda.



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